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Unbeatable Quality

We offer contract screenprinting services, this means you dont have to invest in the equiptment, staff or print the product. 

We have a full qualified team who will do all this for you, giving you the reputation you deserve without the headache.

With two automatic presses and a number of manual presses we have the capability to turn orders around as you need.

Over at Alter Inc Ltd, all you have to do is supply us with the stock and your artwork, our team will give you a print only price right away.


If you are happy to go ahead we can get the invoice over to you for payment.


Our team will then send you the artwork back to approve. From here you will get a visual respresentation of what you will recieve, this will include  print position, artwork size and any specific pantone references. If you need any amendments please just let our team know and they can make the correct adjustments. When we get your approval we will head into print and get your items to you ASAP  within 14 working days. Don't worry this is a worst case scenario, if you need your order by a specific date just give our team the heads up. 

See it's easy right. . .


you have control of your stock and we make the magic happen, we will even ship your goods out under plain cover should you need us to. 

Why not add extra sales to your company hassel free.

We also offer non disclosures to all our trade clients. 

For more info click the contact us link below or why not take a look as some of our printing techniques and order quantites. 




The everyday winner, it's generally a heavier print with a slighlty rough and raised texture due to its plastic/oil mixture. This will soften over time. Easliy pantone matched and can be mixed to suit your exact shade. These inks are easier to work with as the dont dry out until they are cured in a drier. 



Neon inks or fluro inks usually used in certain colours. Yellow, green, blue, pink and orange. Give your print a huge punch. 


Glow in the dark

Glow ink, best used on thicker logos. Its also clear to print so its always recommended print with a white base if going onto darker garments. To charge the print leave it under a light to get the effect ready. 



Water-based printing features inks that are soft, breathable and able to soak into the fabric of the garment, rather than sitting on top. It's better to touch and cleaner for the enviroment. 


3M Reflective

Reflective ink, only printed in one colour. Can use a white base to bring the print vibrancy up. Reflective ink shines as soon as light hits it. 



Foil Printing is  great additional effect. Printed as a glue base and then a foil application pressed on top. Foils are only available in a certain set of colours. 



By nature it bleaches the garment a slightly off white print for a soft print within garment. Discharge bases can be used to give a plastisol print a softer feel and more powerful punch. Discharge doesnt work will all fabrics and colours.



Our technicians have the expertise to make sure you get the over all coverage by altering mesh counts


Puff Ink

With a set additive to make your design rise with pride. Puff ink will only work with certain designs and the effect will drop over time. 

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