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Unbeatable Quality

There’s so much happening behind the scenes at Alter Inc Ltd. Every team member is on hand to  ensure our clients receive a very fair price, continued support and undoubtable quality.


To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below.


Keep reading to understand the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to do business with us.

Services: Feature


Our first project we ever took on. with two automatic machines and a handful of manual presses we have the capabilty to manage little and large orders. 


Neck Labelling

Two options to choose from in the category, with our diverse team they have the skills to print your labels or apply your own woven labels. 



Barcoding is the final touch before you head into highstreet. We can source and apply these in no time.

Logos applied, steamed and ready for shi


On many occassions our clients need their orders splitting into serveral locations. all we need from you is the info prior and we can take care of the rest. 


Contract Services


We are here to help: we understand that its an expensive industury equipment wise. Not to worry we have the service just for you. We provide a contract screenprint & embroidery service.



With 9 multi header machines our team work endlessly to ensure all orders are completed efficiently and with complete precision. 


Woven Label Applications

Woven labels come in a number of different shapes and sizes. All with a different purpose, but that doesnt matter. Tell us what you need and we will make sure you get exactly that. 

We have a huge team on hand to support y

Folding & Bagging

Our most popular service, pretty straight forward, you supply the stock we fold and bag the goods all in house and ship them as and where you need. 


Garment Alterations

Our seamstresses stem from years of experience and amazing work ethic. With their experience comes a great result and that speaks volumes. Have you been sent items labelled wrong or need us to uplift your current branding, we can take care of it all. 


Customised Clothing

As we are heavily involved with fashion brands, we often find ourselves customsing all types of clothing. From tapering trousers for the perfect fit to removing sleeves and swaping or making them slimmer. We do what ever you need.


Direct To Garment

The newest model to our team, but it certainly gives all processes a run for its money. best on low minimums and multiple colour prints. 


Swing Ticketing

Looking for that final touch, or has it been missed from your supplier. Not  to worry our team can make it happen for you in no time. 


Man Packing

If you have ordered all your stock off shore, we can brand it as and when you need. We can also pack it into individual orders for each member of staff.

Every detail matters 👌🏼_#garmentaltera

Tax Tab Purchasing

Tax tabs, also known as woven labels are a perfect edition, if you havent got your own we can source these for you. 

With minimums of only 1000 pieces they are a great added value at no great expense. 


Curtain Alterations


We know curtains are hard enough to make a choice on so when it comes to having them altered its a mine field. Thats why we have a full team on hand to make all the adjustments needed just for you. 

Take a live look at our most current work

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